Go Paperless with ABELDent!


Transitioning to a paperless practice can represent
the most immediate improvement you can make to your overall success!

How much do you spend pulling/filing charts, passing paper around the office, and searching for misplaced files?

ABELDent users love the way their software streamlines the whole process of managing patient data. Instead of shuffling paper, they use at-a-glance convenience to turn their focus toward their patients. Real-time information in one place and securely accessible makes a huge difference.

Is your practice suffocating under the sheer volume of paper files?

In a busy practice, patient files take up too much valuable real estate. Repurposing that space into consultation or additional examination areas can be significant to your bottom line.

Paperless frees up office space

Read about the insights shared by Dr. Jordon Soll from his personal experience transitioning to a paperless practice in his article: Preparing for Tomorrow Today featured in Oral Health magazine.

To find out more about ABELDent’s path to paperless practice, call 800-267-ABEL (2235), ext.1.

Current ABELDent users can visit MyABEL, ABEL’s free online resource for ABELDent, for more information.

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