FAQ – ABELDent Advantage

Want to know the benefits of using ABELDent Advantage?

Here are the most common questions that practices want us to answer:

We developed ABELDent Advantage to leverage new technologies and techniques to dramatically improve the experience of our clients. This enables us to provide an exceptional solution now and to continue to build on that moving forward. For example, ABELDent Advantage is accessible from all the latest hardware devices for increased user flexibility. ABELDent Advantage also provides the best platform for development of a wide variety of new value added features now and in the future. At the same time, all the current features of ABELDent were retained or re-designed within the new ABELDent Advantage software.

Users of other systems who see ABELDent Advantage comment on the modern interface and say that it provides a better user experience. They are impressed by the role-based, intuitive workflows and like the fact that relevant information can be accessed from a single screen. They are also impressed with ABELDent Advantage’s use of the latest mobile technology to collect information such as patient health history.

Both users of other systems and our own users report that ABELDent Advantage’s advanced security, data protection and data integrity measures effectively address major concerns for their practice. ABELDent Advantage also supports advanced practice analytics by collecting significantly more data than most other systems.

Upon evaluation of your current system, ABELDent Inc. will confirm what specific information can be transferred to ABELDent Advantage. In many cases, a full data conversion is possible including clinical information if applicable. If you haven’t upgraded your hardware within the past few years, it may be necessary to replace at least some components.

ABELDent Advantage is easy to learn and use due to its superior design and intuitive workflows so the amount of training required will be minimal for most offices. A standard amount of training is provided with the system along with videos of specific ABELDent Advantage functions and tutorial vidoes. Customers also have the option to purchase additional training provided through customized webinar(s) and/or onsite visit(s).

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