FAQ – ABELDent Advantage

Want to know the benefits of using ABELDent Advantage?

Here are the most common questions that practices want us to answer:

We developed ABELDent Advantage to leverage new technologies and techniques that will help our clients protect and grow their practices now and in the future. For example:

- Purchasing and maintaining an expensive server is not required to run the ABELDent Advantage application.

- ABELDent Advantage stores and backs up practice data on robust and secure Microsoft servers in the cloud providing maximum convenience and protection from attacks.

- A low monthly subscription fee now covers all products and services including the ABELDent Advantage application, backup services, ABELDent Portal, updates and unlimited support.

- The software is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365/Office 365 to provide a full accounting solution, advanced analytical reporting and business applications to improve operational efficiency and protect your valuable data in the cloud.

- All the ABELDent features you are familiar with are retained or re-designed within a new user interface that is easy to learn and use. Advantage's superior design and intuitive workflows provide a much better user and patient experience.

Users of other systems who see ABELDent Advantage comment on the modern interface and how intuitive it is. They are impressed by the role-based workflows and like the fact that relevant information can be accessed from a single screen. Both users of other systems and our own users report that ABELDent Advantage’s in the cloud advanced security, data protection and data integrity measures effectively address major concerns for their practice. ABELDent Advantage also supports advanced practice analytics by collecting and reporting on significantly more data than most other systems.

Upon evaluation of your current system, ABELDent Inc. will confirm what specific information can be transferred to ABELDent Advantage. In many cases, a full data conversion is possible including clinical information if applicable. If you haven’t upgraded your hardware within the past few years, it may be necessary to replace at least some components.

ABELDent Advantage is easy to learn and use due to its superior design and intuitive workflows so the amount of training required will be minimal for most offices. A standard amount of training is included with the system along with videos of specific ABELDent Advantage functions and tutorial videos. Customers also have the option to purchase additional training provided through customized webinar(s) and/or onsite visit(s).

In many cases, little or no hardware upgrades are required. Workstations may need an operating system upgrade depending on when they were purchased. For detailed information on the hardware and system specifications for using ABELDent Advantage in the cloud, please refer to these System Requirements

Although a local server is not required for ABELDent Advantage running in the cloud, your radiography or imaging solution may require a server. Please check with your vendor for details on their system specifications. Your server can also be used as an additional ABELDent Advantage workstation. Another option is to use your server as a local application server if you have older workstations that are not sufficient for running the ABELDent Advantage application. These workstations can then operate as "thin clients" that access the application locally from the server but still access the ABELDent database in the cloud.

Low to midrange Business plans are suitable for small practices. Larger practices running many workstations currently should consider higher plans. We recommend purchasing a cellular service based on usage as a backup in the rare event that internet service is goes down. Every office is unique and we will be happy to discuss your specific internet needs as you prepare to transition to ABELDent Advantage.

Yes, you will still require on premise protection for all your non-ABELDent programs and non-ABELDent files such as images that are stored there. You can use ABELDent’s remote backup service to backup these types of files as part of the Advantage solution - it is included in the monthly subscription cost.

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