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Productivity Tips for Improved Personal and Practice Success


Collect everything that owns your attention. Capture all commitments, tasks, ideas, and projects rather than keeping them in your head. Use just a few "capture tools" you consult all the time.


Decide what your stuff means to you. Clarify if the items you've captured have an action or not. If they do, be very clear about what the VERY next action is and who should take it.


Use the x-minute rule. If you can complete an action in x minutes or less, do it immediately. Don't defer. The time you'll waste letting these simple actions occupy your attention and to-do list is not worth it. Two minutes is a good efficiency cutoff – define yours.


Do more of the right things by reflecting in the right moments. Rather than diving into your messy inbox first thing, take a few minutes to review your calendar and your action lists. This reflection ensures you make the best decisions about how to use your time.


Maximize your understanding and proficiency with available tools. Your practice management software, for example, is far more than a scheduler. Maximize every opportunity for learning and self-study.


Review weekly. Keep a sacred, non-negotiable meeting with yourself every week to re-sync, get current, and align your daily work and projects with your higher-level priorities. Assign a high priority to self-improvement and learning.

According to David Maxfield, a lead researcher at VitalSmarts, the message in these findings is that applying a very small number of self-management practices can change a person's perspective, improve performance and reduce stress. To my mind, these are all factors that can contribute to the success and growth of your dental practice.