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Dr. Yvonne Surya

Burlington, Ontario

Dr. Surya

The Situation

Running and managing a large dental practice with approximately 15,700 patient visits a year would be nearly impossible without a good clinical and practice management software solution, according to Yvonne Surya, D.D.S. As the owner operator of Dr. Yvonne Surya & Associates in Burlington, Ontario, Dr. Surya finds that ABELDent software makes a huge difference by supporting the changing needs of her family practice.

With patients ranging from 3 to 95 years of age, Dr. Surya and her team serve a wide variety of dental needs including general checkups, cleanings and emergencies. They also offer sedation dentistry, periodontal, endodontic and provide Invisalign.

The medium sized clinic operates with eight dentists, seven hygienists, six assistants and six administrative staff. Therefore, it would be very daunting and more costly to use a paper-based system to monitor the oral health of their patients and keep track of schedules, follow-ups and other preventative appointments.

The Challenge

An early adopter of clinical and practice management software, Dr. Surya began using ABELDent in 1984. Having opened her clinic in 1982, she quickly realized that she could benefit from the efficiencies of using a practice management system.

"As the practice began to grow and I added more associates, I knew that I needed a solution that would give me a complete clinical and management implementation," says Dr. Surya. "With a paper-based system, files and charts were getting lost and scheduling and billing became increasingly cumbersome. I understood early on that a practice management system would help us to become more organized and give us the ability to share information more efficiently with others on our clinical and administrative teams."

The Solution

In selecting a software package, Dr. Surya looked for a solution that would change and grow with her expanding practice. She chose ABELDent because of its specific practice features, ease of use and competitive price.

"I also liked the fact that ABEL was a pioneer in dental software, committed to providing practitioners with state-of-the-art features. Today, ABELDent helps in many aspects of my office, especially by streamlining the workflow and offering the other doctors and staff easy access to patient medical history," adds Dr. Surya.

Office manager Eva Grimstad says that she particularly likes the ABELDent administration management features, especially the appointment scheduler.

Because so much of oral health depends on regular checkups and preventive maintenance, ABELDent supports patient care by helping the practice stay on top of scheduling recall exams, monitoring ongoing care and billing. "The software is useful in so many ways in our practice," adds Eva.

Eva also stated that she uses the reporting function of the software to advise Dr. Surya and her staff about the health of the practice itself. "We use the reporting module to measure and improve various aspects of our productivity. For example, we can easily produce a report on how many crowns we completed during a certain period or monitor practice growth, demographic trends and active patients. We can check recall retentions and ensure we are meeting collection targets."

On the clinical side, the dentists and hygienists find the periodontal charting feature to be very useful. "We can capture exam results efficiently and record either a simple periodontal screening or a complete examination," adds Dr. Surya. "ABELDent’s unique interface displays both graphical and numerical values at the same time, which is very practical."

Finally, Dr. Surya likes the way ABELDent is able to insert a picture, image or X-ray directly into letters and emails to patients and referring doctors. "The reaction from our patients is quite funny," she explains. "When they open their mail, they are often surprised to see their ‘before and after’ smiles printed right on their letter."

The Relationship

Since 1984, Dr. Surya and her clinical/administrative staff have developed a special relationship with ABEL because of the company’s innovation and ongoing customer support. Says Dr. Surya, "As one of ABEL’s first customers, I’m always impressed that it continues to develop new tools and features that help me grow and manage my practice. ABEL provides a wide variety of software-enhancing services to help us get the greatest benefit from our investment."

The Results

In short, Dr. Surya is delighted with ABEL as her long-time partner in clinical and practice management. She says ABELDent continues to help her practice become more efficient, allowing her to spend less time on administration and more time with patients. From a management perspective, she hopes to see future features include an integrated staff scheduling and payroll component. The doctor says, "I’m sure with ABEL’s pioneering philosophy, it will be just a matter of time for these and other critical features to become a reality."

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