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Technologies, patient expectations, and business demands keep changing. Your challenge is to find new/better ways to manage the changes and keep costs down.

ABELDent Support

At ABEL we understand what you’re up against, and we know the importance of being there when you need us.

That is why we put so much effort into software support. Sharing new information, being responsive to change and working through problems and solutions together are part of our service responsibility in providing a reliable, comprehensive support program.

Flexible software support to suit your needs

ABELDent Inc. set the standard for professional dental software support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And, we constantly review our support plans and offer several plans to ensure that we meet the present and future needs of all of our clients.


Each ABELDent client has different support needs. If your office hires new staff, for example, or you want to use more of ABELDent's

features/capabilities, you may want more comprehensive coverage than an office with experienced users who require minimal support.

You choose the level of support that best responds to your needs today and change it as your needs change so you always have a perfect fit.

MyABEL Customer Portal adds further dimension

ABELDent clients enjoy the wide variety of resources available through MyABEL – our customer portal – to enhance their use of ABEL products. The ABEL Software Maintenance plan empowers your team to take full advantage of current updates and information.

MyABEL Portal

Remote Support is available through MyABEL

We strive to support the success of each and every customer.
We will be on your side for the long run.

"Love the support staff! They are very knowledgeable and honest, a great help and always pleasant."

Heather from Atlantic Dental

ABELDent users can visit MyABEL, your free online resource, for more information.

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