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ABELDent Patient Communication System (PCS)

Allow patients access to a secure Patient Communication System (PCS) website where they can carry out tasks previously completed via telephone or during an in-person visit. Patient Communication System (PCS) is the perfect tool for a busy dental office to improve operational efficiency and customer service through mobile devices.

Benefits of Dental Appointment Scheduling Software

for Your Practice

Patient Communication System (PCS) boosts practice efficiency by equipping you to:

  • Provide account statements electronically
  • Send requests for health history updates
  • Send post-visit surveys
  • Encourage online reviews with ABELDent RMS - Reputation Management Service
  • Onboard new patients from their practice website

for Your Patients

Patient Communication System (PCS) makes it more convenient for patients to:

  • View upcoming appointments
  • Request new appointments
  • Change or cancel appointments (based on your office policies)
  • View and update personal health information
  • Respond to post-visit surveys
  • Participate in online reviews with ABELDent RMS - Reputation Management Service
  • Refer their family or friends

ABELDent Portal Also Includes

Patient Communication System (PCS)

Communicate with patients in real-time using ABELDent’s Automated Patient Communications.

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Patient Communication System (PCS) Benefits

Increased Administrative Efficiency

Improves the exchange of information between patients and staff.

Patient Convenience

Patients can request and respond when and how they want.

Enhanced Patient Care

Patients and providers can view up-to-date patient information.

Efficient Marketing Tool

Provides an effective source of patient referrals and testimonials.
Addressing Safety Concerns

Patient Communication System (PCS) ensures which patients have access to the Patient Portal and ensures CASL* (Canadian Anti-Spam Law) Compliance. Portal settings also control under which conditions patients can confirm, book, reschedule, or cancel appointments and which patient changes are accepted by your team.

* CASL prohibits businesses including dental offices from sending commercial electronic messages without the recipient’s consent (permission). Failure to comply can result in significant fines.

Unlike Third-Party Solutions

ABELDent's Automated Patient Communication and Patient Portal are specifically designed for ABELDent practice management software. As a result:

  • No redundant or out-of-date information: Data is always current
  • Secure and seamless integration: Your practice data will not be put at risk by software updates
  • Sky's the limit: There are no inherent limits for ABELDent data exchange

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