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Treatment Planner

Unscheduled Treatment Is A Hidden Profit Centre

ABELDent's Treatment Manager can easily retrieve patients that have chosen not to pre-book their recall appointment so you can contact them at the appropriate time based on their due date and insurance coverage. You can also locate and prioritize outstanding unscheduled treatment so it never gets lost. Filter by provider, required procedures or other criteria to keep the schedule full and your days productive and predictable. Patients’ availabilities, preferences, follow-up attempts and past cancelled/missed/changed appointments are all tracked and monitored with warning messages to prevent you from booking failed appointments. The Treatment Planner also integrates with ABELDent’s Automated Patient Communication feature so you can more efficiently reach patients who require treatment with email and text messages.

Treatment Management Screen

Why Does Outstanding Treatment Never Get Lost?

  • Patients who don’t pre-book their recall or scaling are assigned a contact date based on their specific appointment intervals
  • Unscheduled treatment plans create contact dates for each required appointment
  • Patients who miss or cancel an appointment are assigned current contact dates for rebooking

What Can I Do From The Treatment Planner?

  • Target patients with specific treatment requirements
  • Book all family members due with one phone call
  • View all relevant information from one screen before calling
  • Update patient files based on patient feedback
  • Track phone call results for future reference
  • Use on click for schedule access to book the appointment
  • Send email/texts for patients not available by phone

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