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How Cloud Storage Can Help Your Dental Practice

Every day, dental clinics across Canada handle a lot of sensitive information. Between patient scheduling, clinical records, financial information, payroll, and co-ordination with other healthcare and insurance providers, dentists and dental hygienists need to know where to find the information they’re looking for at a moment’s notice.   This means information storage can be a […]

Communication Tips for Different Patient Types

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine Benes notices a negative comment on her medical chart and then proceeds to go to incredible lengths to have the comments removed? She becomes increasingly disruptive and each new doctor adds another line in the chart about how ‘difficult’ she is which of course incites more disruptive […]

How Web-based Dental Solutions Protect Against Cyberscamming

Dental clinicians and practitioners face a unique set of challenges day in and day out, from ensuring patient satisfaction to staying on top of technological advancements in the field to maintaining a steady income stream in a increasingly competitive environment. But a dental practice also faces the hurdle of keeping its staff and patients connected, […]

Reducing Anxiety is the Key to Patient Retention

Identify and Reduce Common Causes of Dental Anxiety Understanding Positive Patient Perception Will Help You Grow Your Practice If you are a fan of Netflix or enjoy a night out at the movies, you’ve probably noticed that dentists aren’t often portrayed kindly in popular media. The movie industry still clings to the cliché of dentists […]

Patient Satisfaction by the Numbers

Have you ever sat in a waiting room tapping your fingers, hoping each time the Nurse appears that your name will be called? Definitely been there, definitely hoped that. Have you ever noticed that even as a Doctor or Practice Manager yourself, your level of overall satisfaction decreases in direct proportion to your wait time? […]

Practical HR Best Practices for your Practice

I have been working recently alongside our Human Resources Consultant, updating our Associate Handbook to accommodate the seemingly ever-changing provincial employment standards. It has really reinforced for me the importance of having well defined, current policies in place. The exercise also got me wondering: How many of our dental practice management software users have a […]

Bad Press? You’re a Doctor… Spin It!

We often hear that there is no such thing as “bad” press. The fact that someone is talking about you at all is considered a good thing, right? It can place you in the spotlight for a fleeting moment and give you the opportunity to right a wrong. Misfortune may befall, and mistakes will be […]

An innocent-looking email can play serious tricks on your Dental Practice.

Every year about this time, our Social Committee starts revving up the excitement about our annual Halloween costume contest. Thoughts turn to the ghoulish and creepy, but to me, there’s nothing more off-putting than cybercrime. Especially when it comes to attacking dental practice data, ransomware tops the nasty list. The stress, expense and loss of […]

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Shouldn’t Dentists be Especially Good at This?

Sales executives in every business will unanimously agree that referrals from existing customers are the of lead generation. Certainly for us, when a satisfied ABELDent user recommends our software to a colleague, we are thrilled on multiple levels. First, it is testimony to the confidence that Dentists place in our product. We are honoured that […]

Take a Closer Look at your Dental Practice Practices

“Another last-minute cancellation… why does this keep happening?” “I wonder how other dental practices promote preventive treatment.” “What are the chances that patient will call back?” A recent conversation with a Dental Office Manager revealed a few nagging complaints she regularly overhears from her staff. We were discussing common day-to-day frustrations in running a patient-reliant […]

Satisfied Patients Make Everybody Happy

A few common denominators propel the success of every business: Developing and sticking to a meaningful Unique Value Proposition; Having the right people focus on the right things at the right time; Delivering a customer experience, product or service that is consistent, sustainable and of the highest possible quality. These are just three basic principles […]

What will you do with your cloud-shift $avings?

There is no question that investment in technology can be significant for any business, let alone a small- to medium-sized dental practice. When it comes to your practice management software, the return on that investment and its inherent value to your bottom line is undeniable. But the cost of hardware, maintenance, security, and IT support […]

Healthcare Data Security Statistics that May Surprise You

Have you noticed the influx of Updated Privacy Policy notifications in your inbox? Companies in the European Union – and any company anywhere with EU customers – are scrambling to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadlines. It’s just a matter of time before stricter privacy control legislation is imposed in other parts of the […]

Getting Down to Business: Boost Your Dental Practice Financials

I have written in this space about the importance of managing the performance of your dental practice through analysis of cold, hard empirical data. Facts rule. Numbers don’t lie. At the end of the day, after you have demonstrated clinical excellence, professional achievement and patient satisfaction, the success of your business comes down to financial […]

Going Cloud: Three Common Myths Busted

The more I discuss cloud computing with dental practitioners, the more I recognize that there’s as much dis-information floating around as there are facts you can count on. Moving to a cloud-hosted model is a big decision. Most companies choose it for business agility and cost savings. But there are drawbacks to consider. That’s why […]

Once just a Threat to Dental Practices, Ransomware has hit Prime Time!

This is my third blog post about cybercrime – ransomware specifically – and the danger it poses to your dental practice management software and data. Last year, I reported that the security company McAfee had charted a 165% year-on-year increase in ransomware attacks. I also passed along OntarioMD’s bulletin advising extra vigilance about data security; […]

Down the final fiscal stretch

Now that summer vacations have wound down and the annual back-to-school routines have been played out, the beginning of Fall may be a good time to settle back and refocus on how your practice is performing. Where have you excelled and where have you fallen short of expectations? How do you determine what you need […]

ABELSoft Inc. Celebrates 40 Years in Business

“This is a tremendous milestone for ABEL. Our sincere thank you to our employees, customers and business partners for their dedication and loyalty over the years. As we move forward, the company’s strength and its successes will continue to depend on our people, our partners and our clients’ trust,” said Angela Spinks, CEO. Read the […]

Zettabytes… and counting

The concept of Big Data is not big news. We’ve all by now embraced the term to describe the sheer volume of information that accumulates through electronic record-keeping. Corporate America is investing heavily in digital transformation; many organizations are already skillfully analyzing their data and applying their findings to better understand their customers, attract new […]

3 keys to cyber security: protect, detect and respond

Podcast – Technology experts Bill Dungey, IT Manager at Complete Technology Solutions (CTSIT) and Anthony Horvath, VP of Client Services and Operations at ABELSoft Inc. share real life examples about dealing with cybercrime and the loss of access to valuable data. Listen to this podcast to hear about current trends in cybercrime and discover what […]

A truly rewarding business trip

As a regular follower of my blog and member of the ABELSoft community, you probably know that my company has long been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. It is definitely an honour to be invited to their annual premier event for partners around the globe, this year newly titled Microsoft Inspire. When I boarded the […]

Pharming and Phishing and Smishing… what next? (re-post)

It seems a week does not go by without news of another hacking incident or privacy breach. Cybercrime is here to stay. I thought it would be helpful to re-post this article from last year to reinforce the importance of cyber vigilance in the practice management arena. Pharming and Phishing and Smishing… what next? Three […]

Are you Living the Vision, Mission and Values of your Dental Practice?

Audience fragmentation is a challenge that marketers have been grappling with for some time. Consumers can no longer be pigeon-holed into a few contact channels: They are increasingly adventurous, capricious, demanding, and armed with information. Just when you think you’ve built a toehold on a social media site like Facebook, the early adopters have already […]

Working hard – or hardly working?

According to a recent McKinsey report, today’s workforce spends 61% of their time managing work, rather than actually doing it. Does that strike a chord? It did for me, even though my job as a people manager is to deal with and eliminate bureaucracy so my team can focus on achieving their goals. But I […]

ABELDent News January 2017

The theme of this newsletter is practice success and security. ABELDent has lots to offer your practice on both of those fronts. Take a few minutes to discover what’s new and what’s coming soon. You will also find an invitation to a free webinar that reveals ways to increase the value of your practice. Enjoy! […]

Ransomware: scarier than ever!

Ransomware attacks are increasing so this is a reminder to protect your practice by maintaining current data and system backup files in a secure, off-site location. This blog also shares a recent OntarioMD bulletin that discusses the cybercrime issue as it relates to healthcare providers.

How do you share success in Your Dental Practice?

Even if a team is intrinsically motivated to do a good job, I can't help but wonder how much more productive they could be when inspired by tangible rewards. Incentive programs and performance-based bonus plans are instrumental in driving growth in many industries. A dental practice could derive the same benefits.

If you build it, will they call?

The current thinking on website design seems unanimous. From our in-house Webmaster (my go-to resource of choice) to an array of trusted Consultants with many an article read along the way: A business website should be designed for prospects. It's not all about you – even though the "About Us" tab on the majority of sites appears FIRST on navigation bar! It's about what you can do for them.

The Power of Word-of-Mouth among Patients: Case in Point

We received an unusual request the other day. A man called our office to ask if we wouldn't mind contacting his dentist for him. His problem: Although he was already receiving appointment reminders via email, he wanted to be able to book his appointments online too. "My wife just goes online to arrange hers," he explained, "and she loves it. It's so convenient!"

Patient Retention: What’s it worth to you?

In any industry, repeat business is a fundamental game-changer. Loyalty has a price tag. In a dental practice it looks something like this: I have a toothache and come in to your office for a first appointment. Let's say it cost $200 to treat. You fix my immediate problem – thank you very much – and I'm on my way. I'm in a hurry so I'll call you to book my next visit... if I think about it.

In Control… or not? It’s up to you.

The importance of managing how your clinical and financial data is entered, viewed and edited can’t be overstated! Here’s our take on the main things that every dental practice owner should consider: Ensure Data and Financial Integrity and Security from the Inside Out

Your dental practice hardware can make – or break – your day

I work in the software development industry. I’m surrounded by early adopters. The shiny baubles that were mentioned in a recent post… the latest toys… the tiniest and most powerful gadgets… they want it all. And they’re willing to stake a place in an overnight line-up just to be the first to get their hands […]

Choosing the Right Dental Software

When it comes to dental software, there are many options on the market today. And so many features and functions to consider! The solution you ultimately select can have a dramatic impact on the success of your business – not just today but for the life of your practice. Here’s some food for thought: Choosing […]

Your Strategic Partner every day – and night – of the year

A potential vendor came into our office in mid-November to make a pitch. We were quite interested and asked about a realistic deployment schedule. As dental practice management software developers, we’re all about proactivity, responsiveness and timely best results for our own customers. “Let’s see,” he started. “November’s almost over, and December’s a write-off with […]

ABELDent Fall 2015 Newsletter

ABELDent is committed to sharing relevant and timely information that adds value for all dental professionals. This newsletter is a great example of the benefits available to ABELDent users. Enjoy!

TAD Annual Winter Clinic 2015

ABELDent Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Toronto Academy of Dentistry's 78th Annual Winter Clinic at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel on November 6, 2015.

Are You Delivering Vital Information to your Patients… or Playing Whac-a-Mole?

I’ve been struggling with a marketing communication question: At what point does keeping customers informed become intrusive – even annoying? How much is enough? When can we be 100% confident that ABELDent users are reaping the maximum benefit from our dental practice management software? We discuss this regularly with our marketing colleagues and really strive […]

They want me to change to SQL!

The following guest post is from Marinus J. Kolkman, Partner and Founder of iNETtechnologies Inc. iNET is a preferred hardware vendor for ABEL customers across Canada. Why, and what is this SQL? To some, it’s another techno-babble session to be avoided, but it needn’t be. With this explanation, I will shed some understandable light on […]

Believe it: Dental Patients Welcome Text Messages

We’ve had great feedback from our many customers who now champion the ABELDent portal as a way to communicate with their patients. Everything from upping their “cool” status to definitive positive impact on their bottom line. Yet some are still not 100% sold on whether their own patients would embrace the change and adopt the […]

Celebrate “Back to School” with Dental Practice Management Software training for your staff

For the past 10 years or so, the final weeks of August have been overtaken by preparations for my daughter’s big back-to-school event. Our shopping list may have progressed from pencil cases, lunch boxes and cute outfits to iWatches and designer backpacks – not to mention the latest in jeans that at around $230 feature […]

Anniversary Announcement

August 2015 – Another year stronger. Another year wiser. Another year of delighting clients. Happy 38th anniversary to us! ABEL customers build practice efficiency, viability and patient engagement on the foundation of our advanced practice management and clinical solutions for dental and medical practices in North America. “During our 38 years in business, the delivery […]

Data Backup and Recovery Planning

In today's digital world, the issues of data integrity and data protection impact every practice. It's crucial to understand your responsibilities and liabilities and to have a contingency plan.

Ten Commandments for Effective Leadership in Dentistry

Following are ten points that resonate as a golden rule for leaders and aspiring leaders in all fields, including dentistry. Adapted from "Physician Leader's 10 Commandments" by James Paskert, MD, published in the May/June 2014 issue of Physician Executive Journal, the points outline sage advice that can help build more meaningful relationships in every aspect of your professional life.

Mother Nature Can Be Brutal: Protect Yourself With Reliable Backup

A dramatic wind storm took out the power in most parts of the city. The blackout lasted for several hours. When the staff at an inner city clinic reported for duty the next morning, the power had been restored, but their server would not reboot. Neither their in-house technical specialist nor the external IT consultant […]

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